3 Easy Go To Games With a Beach Ball

Youth ministry is unpredictable to say the least. Programs you thought would take 3o minutes, take 10 minutes, and you are left with 20 minutes to fill. Or maybe you just have some hang out time left at the end and need to keep the kids a little organized and active.

Go down to the dollar store and buy a few inflatable beach balls. Make sure you have some of these available on hand in a closet or office so you can get to them easily. Then try one or more of these games.

Steal the Bacon – Usually played with a tied up dish towel, it can easily be adapted for a beach ball. Divide your youth in half and line them up on either side of the room. Have them number themselves off starting at one and going up. Each side will have one of each number. Put the ball in the middle. Call out a number, for instance, 3. The number three from team one and the number three from team 2 go toward the ball. Points are awarded in 3 ways. They can either pick up the ball and run it back to their team for one point. They can tag the other person as they try to run it back, one point. If they pick it up and drop the ball, one point goes to the other team.

Scatterball – This has easily become my groups favorite game. It’s a version of dodgeball, but no one ever really gets out. Basically everyone  is in the room. Throw the ball in the air, and someone grabs it. They have 5 seconds and can take 3 steps before throwing the ball. If you get hit, you sit down. If you are sitting down and a ball comes near you, you can pick it up and throw it at someone standing up. If they get hit, they sit down, and you are back in. Read more about Scatter Ball.

Ultimate Ball – divide your group into two teams. Find something you can use on either side of your room for a goal. This can be basketball goals, chairs, a spot on the walls, or the walls themselves. The goal for each team is to pass the ball to their team mates and work the ball down the room until someone can throw it and hit the goal. Play just like ultimate frisbee. A player cannot dribble, or run with the ball, they must pass it to their team mates. If the ball hits the ground, the other team takes possession and try for their goal.

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What are your favorite games? Share in the comments below.

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