Youth Group Idea : Coffee House Night

I love my youth group and I love the fact that we have a bunch of kids on most nights. However I have realized that when everyone is here, and we are in our usual mid week routine, I do not get much time to be with students. I am either up front leading, bringing the message, or I’m solving problems and answering questions, and dealing with issues that arise.

This is why I loved our Coffee House Night!

We decided that we would take one night for peace, quiet, relaxing fun. No basketballs, no planning, no agenda. We spent the night talking, and playing board games. Some students brought homework to finish up. The best part is that I got to talk with students, laugh with students, laugh with students and hang with students. I did not have to lead, or speak or run around like a crazy person.

The best part is how easy it was. We got two Keurig coffee makers, a bunch of pods and some creamers and set them up. We got out board games, pulled some couches and sat them around. Some volunteers even made us a Central Perk style banner with our youth name on it. We did it in our youth center but the beauty is that you can really do it in almost any location, even at someone’s house.

This is one of several hang out moments we have created for our students. Some others have included Willie Wonka night where we watched the movie, the original one, and set up a candy bar for students to enjoy and we also periodically do open gym where we have our game tables, and gym available for students to play.

What ways do you create opportunities for your students to just hang out? Do you think time like this is important? Why or why not?

What other activities have you done like this?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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