5 More Glow Stick Games for Your Next Glow Night Event

Glow night has become an annual event with our youth and so each year I try to add a few different games. Here are 5 more games that use Glow Sticks for you to use at your next Glow Night.
Glow in the Dark Pictionary – 
Divide into teams – On go one person calls out an object to be “drawn” by the group. The group uses their Glow Sticks and work together to make the item out of glow sticks. Some examples would be Cross, Dove, House, Car,  Sunglasses, Fish, Circle, Peace Sign, Guitar etc…
Glow In the Dark Foos-Volleyball
Have students set up chairs in rows. Middle row on the line are back to back. Next row out from the line on either side chairs are put back to back as needed. Blow up several balloons with glow sticks in them “Or purchase” Put 5-6 balloons in a clear trash bag and tie up tightly. This is the volleyball. Start in the middle. Teams must hit the balloon ball backwards behind them until it goes all the way past the last line of chairs to score a point.
Tic – Tac – Glow – 
Make a tic tac to board using glow sticks on the ground. Play two team against each other. Get 4 glow sticks of each color. On go the first two people run up and put their glow stick on the ground in a square. Then run back. They tag the next person in line and then they run up and put their glow stick down. Once glow sticks are down the player can try to move an existing glow stick of their own color to a different square in an attempt to make 3 in a row.
Ring around the Glowsie – 
Need 4 large glow sticks and a bunch of rings. The 4 people with the large glow sticks stand in a line, spread out by a bit. Their team mates stand facing them about 6-10 feet away. On go the team has to throw the glow necklaces toward their person with the stick in an attempt to get as many as possible onto the glow stick. The team with the most rings around at the end of time wins.
Glow in the Dark Charades – 
Played just like regular charades except you use glow sticks to help act out the items to be guessed as much as possible.
For even more glow in the dark games check out this post by Life in Student Ministry 15 Games for a Glow Stick Youth Event

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