8 Christmas Resources for Your Youth Group

Christmas season is finally here. Maybe you have everything planned out and you are ready for the rest of the year. However, there are some of you who still need to find a game here, a devotional there. So to help out I’ve compiled a list of Christmas resources for you to use. Some of these are ones featured on this site, some are links to other awesome ministry sites. Some are free and a few will cost. If you have a link to add please share it in the comments so we can help each other out.

1. Free Christmas Video Background Music. – 

Do you make videos for your youth group? Looking for holiday theme music to back up your announcement videos? Here is a free song called “Sleighbells Ring” which you can download from SoundCloud and use wherever you like. 

Free Holiday Background Music Loop

2. Free Christmas Powerpoint Game – 

Here is a Christmas themed quiz for everyone. See if your youth can guess the hot gift items throughout the years. You may even tie in a lesson about how material things will come and go but God’s love will last forever. 

Free Christmas Themed Powerpoint Quiz

3. Advent Prayer Stations – 

Looking to add a prayer station as part of a worship service, or perhaps you want to create a whole advent prayer station experience. Here are a few stations to help you out.

Advent Prayer Stations

4. Christmas Devotional – God’s Desperados

A friend of mine shared this great devotional talking about simply showing compassion. Use it as a sermon illustration or send it out to your youth group.

Youth Devotional: God’s Desperadoes

5. Advent Photo Of the Day

Advent has already begun but you can still use this photo of the day template. Encourage your students to post on instagram or twitter and see Advent thru the pictures they take.

Free Editable Advent Photo of the Day Challenge

6. Simple Christmas Ornament Craft Idea

Check out this simple ornament craft that will encourage your students to think about the different names for Jesus and what they mean.

Tell Me More About..

7. Christmas Spotify Playlist

We love using XP3 Orange Curriculum on Wednesay nights. They provide not only the topics, messages and questions, but a lot of extras. One thing they always include is a spotify play list of music for each series. Here is the list from the “Another Christmas Story” series. https://open.spotify.com/user/xp3students/playlist/7l3O3nsE9o3CELXb29UNsm

8. Christmas Party Games

This year we are doing a Crazy Christmas party. We’ll include everything from a tacky christmas sweater, white elephant gift exchange, Christmas carol karaoke and some Christmas themed games. Here is one of the sights we are using  as a games resource. http://www.playpartyplan.com/christmas-games/ and this from HandyDandyYouthMinistry.com https://handydandyyouthministry.com/2015/03/27/wrapping-paper-fashion-show/

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