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The below plans are missing some T-Connectors. You can now purchase connectors from Amazon that eliminate the need for so many different connections. Please use the link above to Build a Better 4 Square in the Air Court.


Looking for a great new twist on an old favorite game? Why not group four square.. in the air. The first thing you will need is to build  the court. Here’s how we made ours.

1. Buy PVC pipe and connectors from your local hardware store. Here was our list. All pipes and connectors 1 1/2 inch.

28 – 10ft long PVC pipe sections


4 – Corner connectors

20 – T connectors (Corrected)

1 – 4 way connector



1. Cut 16 pipes to your desired height. We used 7 ft

2. Lay out the remaining 10 ft pipes to make four squares



. Cut one foot off of each pipe in the center. Attach those sections to the 4 way connector. Then attach a T connector to each of those.


4. Cut one foot off of the other end of those 4 center pipes. Attach a T square to the end. Re attach the 1 foot section and add a final t connector on the end – this one will go side ways.


5. At each of the 4 corners measure back one foot and cut the pipes. Reconnect these with a T connector.


6. Connect the pipes in the middle of the sides with a T connector (if not already done)



7. Connect one 7 foot pipe to the bottom of every T connector. There should be two on every corner, 4 in the middle, and one in the middle of each side.



Go through and use a sharpie to mark every joint so you know where the pieces go next time you put it together.IMG_1730


And that’s it.

You can play a few different ways.

1. Put 6 or so youth in each square and play a game of volleyball, except four ways. Keep score as usual

2. Have teams in each square and play team 4 square. When the ball lands in a square that team is out, and everyone progresses up like 4 square. Other teams line up outside the starting square.

A few notes:

* It is a little wobbly going up initially, however once all the pipes were together it is fairly sturdy.

** I have plans to add some cross supports on the bottom of the corners and the middle to help secure it some.

*** There are probably many other ways to connect these. Ideally you would have corner connectors that also had a bottom opening, and a 4 way connector with a bottom as well. This would mean using less support poles. While easier I am not sure how this would affect sturdiness.



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22 comments on “Build Your Own 4 Square in the Air Court
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  2. This is great! I’m thinking about putting one today to play at my daughter’s b-day party. Quick question for you though, do you think this would work on a lawn? Just wondering if it’s stable enough to set it up outside on grass.

  3. We got all the pieces donated by Lowes this week for our relay for life this next weekend. My question is what is the trick to get it all put up at the same time? We are having difficulty “raising” it. Also did you find that you had to glue any of the pieces into their fittings in order for it to stay together? It doesn’t seem to want to stay together. We have to set it up on grass. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • We did not glue anything. Raising it we found it best to construct one square at a time. Have several people to keep it up. It seems a little wobbly when you start but secures pretty well once you get it up. We use a rubber mallet to tap the pieces together.

  4. hey we just built thus it was awesome. One thing its actually 20 T connectors. 16 for the legs and 4 to connect the inner and outer. thanks for the post though it was a big hit

    • I haven’t tried it but you may just reduce the height. Can put 2-3 kids per square. Also to make it easier use a beach ball or even a balloon ball. Take a small garbage sack and fill it with balloons. Floats longer and makes it easier to play. Hope this helps.

  5. That’s awesome. You can also buy the connectors off of Amazon, like a center 5 way connector, that’s cheap and durable. It connectors for green houses I think. In our youth room I used rope to create a 9 air square, it was super cheap, durable, and is out of the way I can leave it up all the time

  6. Russell, in your instructions you said that you used 1 1/2 inch pipe, but then in the comments you said 3″ pipe. Did you use both or did you try the 1 1/2″ and change it later on? Thanks! I’ll be hopefully building this soon.

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  8. I bought 28 10′ sections of 1/14 in PVC to create 7′ poles and 5′ cross bars. Amazon sells PVC connectors, including the 5-way. All-in cost was $170.

  9. We built this as a service project for a YMCA. We had to send them out as they bought only 16 T connectors and you need 20. The picture shows 16, so that confirmed the wrong number. A drawing or list showing final lengths would help

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