Here’s How We Played Hungry Hippos

Two weeks ago my Facebook feed blew up with people sending me videos of this Human Hungry Hippos game.  Last night at our game night we finally decided to give it a try. Here’s how we did it:

1. We bought automotive creepers and tied a rope around the back.

Instead of just using furniture dollies like we had seen we purchased automotive creepers. Those things mechanics use to roll under your car. We found them for between $30-40 at walmart and an automotive store. Just a warning, they tend to look at you funny when you want to buy 4 of them. Most people only buy one at a time.

We have used furniture dollies before however they are not comfortable to lay on, and ours had big wheels that did not roll very well. We now have 4 of the creepers and used them for several “winter olympic” games and already have ideas for several more ways we can use them in the future.

2. We used dodgeballs instead of balloons.

No real reason except we had dodgeballs available. It also saved us from blowing up 50 balloons that would inevitably be popped. We had an adult keep count and rolled the balls back into the center.

3. We limited it to one minute per round

We played several rounds so more people could be involved. We did a final round and let the adults have a go at it. This was the result.

Some have noted that we did it in such a huge space, and they do not have a room that big. I have seen it done in smaller rooms, and it could also be done in a hallway with only two groups.

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