My Top 5 Youth Min Spotify Playlists

Remember the Old Days?

Some of us are old enough to remember making mix tapes. Listening to the radio and pressing the record button at the right time to get the song you want. Then using your tape player to copy them onto one ultimate mix that perfectly captured your high school life.

Some of us can remember making mix Cds. Burning CDs to your computer and then creating a playlist for your road trip.

Some can only remember as far back as iTunes playlist.

Now it seems that spotify is the way to go for pre service music, or music to play during games or whenever needed.

Every time I see someone sharing a playlist I follow it. Some of them are all Christian music. Some play lists are all secular. Some are rap. Some are just good for background music.

The top 5 playlists we use most are embedded below. I have a folder called Youth Group Playlists on my profile 

How to use this list.

  1. Follow the playlists. They will appear in your spotify playlist but you will not be able to edit or rearrange the list
  2. Follow the list creators. Spotify is social media music. Meet new friends
  3. Create your own list. Go through the songs suggested and create your own ultimate youth ministry spotify playlist
  4. Discover new music. Put the lists on in the background and see what others are listening to. Broaden your musical interest. Discover new music to play for your students.

Please note that though these lists are all used by youth groups, there may be a varying degree of what songs are allowed and appropriate in different groups or situations. It is also possible for songs to be added to a list after this is posted. 





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