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Over the past few years I have become a big fan of Spotify. I can search and find almost any song and put it into a playlist. I have used the lists from everything for prayer stations background music to the Ice Skating portion of our Winter Olympic Night. Here are a few of my lists

Youth – I created this list by giving my phone to my youth and having them add songs. I go through the list, look up lyrics and then take out any that I find not appropriate. I’ll share some of the ways I determine that in a future post. This list is great to hear some of what the youth are listening to.

Figure Skating –  In February we held our “Winter Olympic Night.” As part of that event youth had one minute to create a routine to randomly selected song. This is the list we chose from.

Youth Band Songs – This is a list of songs we currently use for our youth worship team.

New Youth Worship Songs – When I hear a song I’d like to consider, or when a youth suggests a song for our group, I will add it to this list. When it’s time to add some new songs for our worship team I’ll go to this list.

Happy Fun Christian Music –  This is my go to list for background music when we are playing games, or need some upbeat music to play before worship or an event.

Top 100 Songs Tracks on Spotify – This is a spotify created list of the 100 top songs. Warning, these are not filtered. I do not use this list for any youth events. I do listen through every once in a while and see what is out there, and what my youth are probably listening to.

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Spotify has a free and premium subscriptions. The free has limited features and runs ads. The premium subscription has no ads, and most importantly allows you to save songs to several devices at once. This is important because you do not have to be connected to the internet to play the music. Great when you find yourself in a church with spotty or no wifi access.



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