Youth Game – Ultimate Ball

Ever want to play ultimate frisbee, but it’s just to wet or cold outside? We changed it up a bit, stayed inside and played ultimate ball. The rules are simple.

First – replace the frisbee for a playground ball. Since you are inside, find one that you cannot throw too far. We use one of those kids rubber balls you can by at the dollar store.

Second – Set your goals. We have a court with a basketball goal on either end. To score they had to hit the backboard with the ball. (Next time we might give 2 points for backboard, and 3 if it goes in the goal.

Third – Boundaries. We basically played the room and didn’t worry about out lines. Just use what works best for your set up.

Fourth – Rules. Divide into teams. Each going toward a different goal. The person in possession of the ball cannot run but has to throw it to someone else on their team. If the ball ever hits the ground, either because it is dropped or the other team knocks it out of the air, it is a turn over and play goes the other way.

What games do you play that you could share with us?

photo creative commons from flickr/Jeff Hester

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Russell Martin Written by:


  1. Chris
    September 13, 2016

    We play a similar game, but when it hits the ground you have to play it like soccer until someone can kick it up to another person (no popping it up to yourself). We call this Speedball. Oh, and it’s played with Soccer goals and a goalie, instead of basketball hoops.

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