Youth Group Game: Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt

A long time ago, if you wanted to do a photo scavenger hunt, a polaroid was pretty much the only way to go. With digital cameras in almost every cell phone it is much easier to do. We have done photo scavenger hunts before where the youth would email in their photos. Recently though we went even further and used Instagram. Here’s how.

1. Divide your group into smaller groups. We had them go out in cars across town, but you could do it at a camp or even around your church.

2. Make sure one person in every group has a smartphone and uses instagram.

3. Establish a hashtag/ #photohuntumc or something you all agree on

4. Give everyone a the list. Here’s a sample that we used.

5. Establish an agreed upon return time and set them free.

I sat down, and opened a search for the agreed hashtag using It allows you to search and view instagram feeds on your computer. I was able to see the photos as they were posted and track the progress of each group. I had them calculate their own scores on the honor system.

The biggest benefit was that their photos were seen by their friends not in youth group. Many of their friends were tagging, and liking photos and passing it on. We got several more followers to our youth instagram and it was positive publicity for our group.

Have a game to share? Send a link.

Check out the updated Instagram Video Scavenger Hunt


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