Youth Group Game: Scatterball

Here’s an easy game, for a medium to large group, involving little setup or supplies. Scatterball is basically dodgeball with a twist. The twist being that no one is ever really out. I read several different versions of the game, and we altered them a bit to fit our group. Here’s how we did it:

1. Everyone starts out on the edge of the room touching a wall, or in our case on the basketball out of bounds line.

2. The ball is thrown up in the middle of the gym.

3. One youth grabs the ball, they have three steps and 5 seconds in which to throw the ball at someone.

4. If they hit someone, that person is out, and has to sit down. Just like dodgeball


5. If you are sitting down, and the ball comes to you, you can throw it at someone standing up.

6. If someone sitting, hits someone standing, they standing person sits, and the sitting person is back in the game.

That’s basically the idea. We played till there were about 5 people standing, and then I called “All In” and had everyone get back into the game. We basically had one continuous game going for about 30 minutes.

Here are a few sites with variations of Scatterball and other great ideas.

Creative Youth Ideas – Scatterball

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Do you have a youth group game you’d like to share? Send me a link.


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