Youth Theme Night – Glow Night

We started a series in April called April Fools. We had just finished a 5 week series on prayer , and I was looking for something lighter. We decided to do four weeks of theme nights. The first week was “Team Night.”

Last night was Glo night. Here’s how we set it up.

I gathered a lot of black lights and set them around the room. I also used some colored LED lights we use on our worship stage. They are cool because you can set them to change with the beat of the music. We turned the over head lights off, turned on the music and were ready to go.

We started off playing three games.

Glow Shoes-

Have your group form 4 teams and put one team in each corner of the room. Next have each person take off their shows and place them in one big pile in the center of the room. Mix in the glow sticks into the pile.

The object of the game is to get as many shoes and glow sticks as possible during the timed round. Each team needs to create an order of first through fifth (Or however many is on each team).

On “Go” the first person runs to the center and grabs 1 shoe or 1 glow stick, returns to their team and places the shoe or glow stick in their personal pile. Once that person has returned, the next person may run to the pile or run to another team’s pile and steal a shoe or glow stick. Teams may not guard their piles.

Single shoes are worth 1 points, pairs are worth 3 points, single color glow sticks are worth 1 points and pairs of colored glow sticks are worth 3 points. Play as many rounds as you wish. The winning team gets a prize or they can keep their glow sticks.

 Black Light Basketball

Divide your group into two teams and play this game in the dark. On each side of the indoor court each team places their OWN player with a hula hoop on a chair. The goal is to get the beach ball through the hoop. You can’t run with the ball (played much like Ultimate Frisbee), and you must pass the ball every 3 seconds. Your player with the hoop can is allowed to move hula hoop, they MUST stay on the chair however. If the ball hits the ground,

 Toilet Paper Dodgeball 

Teams stay divided on either side of the court. Set rolls of toilet paper in the middle of the court, youth back up to the back of the line. Play normal dodgeball rules. With the lights it looks cool as the paper trails across the gym.


We went on to small groups and talked about how we are to be light in the world, how we reflect God’s light in to the darkness. If you wanted to do a small group time you could come up with something that matches your group. But the night would stand alone as a fun event for a youth week or back to school. If you want my small group material just leave a comment below and I will send it to you. 

Download the Glow Night Questions



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  1. I’d love to see your small group material for this theme event. Tonight we are having a scavenger hunt and are going to talk about Finding God’s purpose for your life. Should be fun!

  2. Please send me your small group discussion for the glow in the dark night! We will playing dodgeball but my youth want something deeper to end our evening. Thank you!

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